FAQ - Football Trip

What are the conditions for the trip to take place?
• Opening of customs and abolition of mandatory quarantine rules when we return;
• Ability to travel at full capacity on the coach and use the toilets;
• Possibility of sharing a room between participants residing at different addresses;
• Full opening of football stadiums at destination;
• Possibility to tailgate prior to the game

If some of theses conditions aren't met, Express Tours reserves the right to cancel the trip. If so we will reimburse you in full. We will inform you at leat 30 days prior to departure if the trip is canceled.

When do you confirm if the trips will take place?
More than 35 days before departure we assess the possibilities of holding each trip. Whether for health reasons, lack of participants or for logistical challenges that may prevent us from executing the trips, we will always inform you at least 30 days before departure if a trip is canceled. If Express Tours cancels the trip, you are always 100% refunded.

How many participants are required for the trip to take place?
A minimum of 25 participants are required for every trip. 

What are the sanitary measures in force in the buses?
A very strict protocol established by the government is put in place to meet all health requirements. As everything changes quickly these days, you will be informed of the rules in effect at the time of your departure. We pay great attention to these measures and we will make sure to apply them rigorously.

Do I have to have received my 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccine to be able to participate on the trip?
For the moment, no requirements exist at this level, both for broder crossing and for the bus ride. If the situation changes, you will be informed very quickly.

Do I need to have proof of vaccination to enter stadiums?
As of today and according to the information we have, no proof of vaccination will be required in the fall to enter stadiums. If the situation changes, you will be informed very quickly.

Will we be sitting together in the stadium?
We take great care to seat you with your fellow travelers during the game.

What is a Tailgate?
Tailgate is an English expression that comes to us from the Americans that means a gathering of a group of people with food, BBQ, drinks, behind a Pick-up ... the "Tail Gate" of the Pick-up!

In NFL Football, it's the gathering of thousands of FANS in the parking lots of the stadium before the start of the game where BBQs, promotional tents, music and the biggest fans display their colors up to 5-6 hours prior to the games.

At Express Tours, this is our signature! We have a lively pre-game Tailgate with music, raffles, friendly competitions, food cooked on our 5 foot long BBQs and great memories. If you've never experienced a Tailgate, you'll be served!

What is included in the Tailgate?
A protein meal where chicken drumsticks, pulled pork, Bavarian sausages are often on the menu. We also include chips, salads and two drinks (beers, soft drinks or others). There is entertainment and we organize friendly competitions to make your experience a memorable one.

Is it possible to get more drinks at Tailgate?
We always have extra inventory that you can usually buy for very little money ($2- $3 per drink).

When will I receive my tickets for the game?
All printed tickets will be distributed to you on the bus. For electronic tickets, they will be transferred to you by email so that you can have them directly on your smartphone. Some stadiums only have E-tickets.

When will I receive the details of my trip?
Two (2) weeks before departure you will receive travel documents and confirmations of departure times and places.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@expresstours.ca

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