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In light of the current situation, the majority of NFL teams anticipate playing their games behind closed doors or with a very limited number of fans. Therefore, the only ones potentially admitted to the stadium will be season ticket holders. In this context, it is unlikely that our packages will take place. That said, we still suggest that you put your name on our priority registration list. If ever the situation changes and we can offer you even just one package, you will be among the first contacted.

As the situation is still uncertain due to the current pandemic, we will open registration as soon as we can actually do the trips. Certain factors have to be taken into account, including the opening of customs, the presence of fans in the stadiums, the logistics of transport and accommodation, just to name a few. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to find out about developments.

Are you looking for a unique experience? Is this your first NFL trip? Looking for something new for your annual NFL package? Our "NFL Experience" packages offer you the opportunity to experience an NFL day like no other! It all starts with our signature Tailgates with music, atmosphere, entertainment and BBQ, combined with the drawing of upgraded tickets, field access during the national anthem and sometimes even exclusive access to VIP Lounges at the stadium. We like to make these trips as memorable as possible!

Again this year, we will offer you some packages with upgraded tickets at the 100 level. During these games, we will have tickets for seats generally 25-35 rows from the field. A unique opportunity to experience the NFL up close.

The rates reflect the prices of our packages in a regular context and are there to give you an idea of how much they would normally be. This also means that they are subject to change according to new requirements from different governments, the NFL or Public Health. In addition, the teams have not yet all made tickets available and prices are subject to change for the same reasons.

Instead of asking you to pay your package right away and reimburse you in the event of cancellation, we prefer to offer you the opportunity to put your name on a priority list. In this way, as soon as we can open registration, we will call you according to that list, even before it is possible to do so online. This will allow you to start planning your weekend and allow us to prepare well to welcome you.  

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