Important information

Availability of stops (departure points)

Availability of departure points
Please note that the departure points are chosen based on demand and logical route.
If we need to make a change to your chosen stop, an Express Tours agent will contact you by e-mail, Wednesday or Thursday 7:00pm preceding the departure or the excursion.

Boarding point modied by a client
You must notify us if you intend to change your departure point. Otherwise, you may be denied access to the coach.

Departure confirmation
A minimum of 25 participants is required to confirm departures. If a trip must be cancelled due to a lack of participants, an Express Tours agent will contact you by e-mail.

Late passagers
Please note that we will not wait for passengers who are late in the morning. You must go to your boarding point at least 10 minutes before scheduled departure.

Departure times for coaches leaving the ski resorts
4:00pm Jay Peak, Smugglers' Notch, Sugarbush, Whiteface, Bromont, Sutton, Tremblant et Sainte-Anne, 
4h15pm Le Massif, Killington et Cannon

Important notice
If the departure of the bus is held up by a passenger at the resort, that passenger will be charged a minimum $50.

It is strictly forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages on a coach bus.
As stipulated by law (Quebec’s highway safety code): 443 


Agreement between EXO AND Express Tours for the use of the park-and-ride lots at: Brossard Chevrier – Sainte-Julie – Terrebonne Station – Beaconsfield Station – Laval Le Carrefour. 

We have been granted permission to use Exo Park-and-ride lots for our clients for our day trip and multi day trip programs.

Park in the space provided
It is important to park your car in the designated areas. 

Stationnement incitatif, Le Carrefour
3000 Boul. Le Carrefour

Laval, H7T 2K9


Stationnement incitatif, Gare
4000 Boul. Marcel-Therrien 

Terrebonne, J6V 1S7

Stationnement incitatif, Chevrier
4700 Boul. Lapinière
Brossard, J4Z 3H6
Lampadaire 1

Stationnement incitatif, Sainte-Julie
Boul. Armand-Frappier
Sainte-Julie, J3E 2N9

Métro Crémazie
505, boul. Crémazie Est, H2M 1L7
Embarquement Boul. Crémazie côté direction Ouest
au Nord du boul Métropolitain.

Métro Namur
7405 Boul. Décarie Montréal, H4P 2G9
Embarquement Boul. Décarie côté Sud/Est à l'intersection de Jean-talon.



Stationnement Brunelle Sport
3245, boul. des Récollets, Trois-Rivières, G9A 6M1

Stationnement incitatif, Beaconfield
104 Av Elm,
Beaconsfield, H9W 2C8




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Blue Cross Insurance (individual)

Travel with peace of mind with Blue Cross Travel insurance

You may already be insured.
Several credit cards now include medical/hospital insurance for short trips (3 days or less) to the United States. Check with your credit institution.

Express Tours is a division of Voyages Skier, holder of a Quebec travel agent permit.

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Canada / USA Borders

Medical/hospital insurance is strongly recommended when travelling to the United States (Click here for more information)

Purchases and personal exemptions
(Click here for more information)

Documents required to enter the United States:
Canadian citizens must present one of the following documents to be able to enter the United States by land: 
A valid passport OR a NEXUS card

If you are not a Canadian citizen, you must, when boarding the coach, present to the Express Tours guide a valid passport from your country of origin and the receipt of your I-94 registration (U.S. $).
You can obtain the document via the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website

If a traveler has received ESTA approval, does he or she also need to fill out an I-94W?

If you do not have these documents at the time of boarding, access to the coach will be REFUSED.

It is your responsibility to provide the valid documents required.

After registering, having paid and printed your I-94 application receipt, you must go to one of the US border crossings within seven days to validate and complete your application. After this time, your request will be canceled and not refunded. It is important to read carefully all instructions on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website.

Documents facilitating travel abroad with children. The following documents may be required when entering another country with a child:
- birth certificate indicating the names of the parents,
- all legal documents pertaining to guardianship,
- a parental consent letter
- a death certificate, if one of the parents is deceased,
- a status document issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada
If the child is travelling with only one parent, the consent letter that authorizes the trip must be signed and dated by both parents.

Coach held up at customs
Express Tours is not responsible for wait times at American or Canadian customs.

Denied entry at the border
Passengers are responsible for ensuring that they satisfy all customs, administrative and sanitary formalities imposed by the country of departure and arrival. Express Tours is not responsible if U.S. immigration denies you entry into the United States or if Canada customs refuse to let you back into the country. It is your responsibility to check with the competent authorities to know which documents are required and which formalities must be satisfied to enter the country of destination. A passenger or group that is denied access to the coach or denied entry into the United States due to not having the necessary documentation will automatically be charged the cost of their transportation. Furthermore, transportation back to the original departure point will not be provided or paid by Express Tours.

The Cannabis Act
It's illegal to take cannabis across the Canadian border, whether you're leaving or coming to Canada. This applies to all Countries, Whether cannabis is legal there or not.

Fruits, vegetables and others
Whentering the US, travelers should inform US Customs at the border of all fruits, vegetables, plants, plant products, live animals, meat and animal products they carry with them, regardless of the fact that they are allowed or not.
A false declaration may result in penalties (fines) of $ 300 or more and a refusal of access to the US for an indefinite period.
To avoid any problems, Express Tours STRONGLY suggest you to not carry with you any fruits or vegetables on your excursions or trips by coach.
For more informations, consult the Website of U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Customs and Border Protection : Bringing Food into the U.S.

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Cancellation policy for a day Trip
One bus per departure.
If the demand is greater, we will assign a second bus or more.
Canceled day trip by Express Tours
The morning of departure, before leaving the house, we suggest you check via the calendar on the website if your day trip has been canceled.
Day trip cancellation by participant
Refund policy

BEFORE Wednesday 4:00 pm prior to the day of departure:
Refund of the total amount minus $10 + tx on the credit card used (administrative fee per invoice).
AFTER Wednesday 4:00 pm prior to the day of departure:
Refund of your trip minus the transportation portion of that specific trip

Transferring the reservation to someone in the same age category: no charge and no notice required on your part.

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General conditions

Cancellation by Express Tours
We commit to refunding if a day or overnight trip must be cancelled by Express Tours prior to the scheduled departure time.

Express Tours is not responsible for:
Any lost, stolen or damaged items or any bodily injury sustained during a day or overnight trip with lodging, as well as any bus-related mechanical failures, delays due to inclement weather, ski lift shutdown or closure and delays at customs.

Express Tours is not responsible for any expenses incurred in the event that you are unable to take the bus back to your initial destination. If you cannot take the bus due to an injury, contact your insurance company. They can advise you about repatriation options.

Credit card
You agree to our reservation terms when you authorize us to use your credit card number to make a payment in full.

The billing system of the website accepts a single credit card per invoice.
If you wish to use more than one card to make your payment, the transaction must be made by telephone with one of our booking agents.
A $ 25 + taxes fee will be charged for each credit card used for the same bill.

All prices are in canadian dollars.

Express Tours is a division of Voyages Skier, holder of a Quebec travel agent permit.

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New booking procedure, save $5 to $10
One bus per departure.
If the demand is greater, we will assign a second bus or more.

Get the best price guaranteed. A discount of $5 to $10 from the regular price.

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Overnight trips policy (individual)
GARANTEED DEPARTURE for trips by coach bus
A minimum of 25 people is required to guarantee departures by coach. If a trip must be cancelled due to a lack of participants, an Express Tours agent will contact you by telephone 30 days before the scheduled departure date.

for overnight trips (by car or coach bus) with lodging:

WITHOUT the cancellation protection
45 days or more before the departure date: complete refund minus $75 per person (administrative fees)
44 days or less before the departure date: no refund
You can transfer your trip to someone else at any time, at no cost.

WITH the cancellation protection
You can opt for cancellation proection for ($ varies depending on the stay) per person upon reserving an overnight trip with lodging. With this cancellation insurance, you will be refunded the total amount of your trip with lodging, until the date of your departure, in the event of:
•    Illness, hospitalization, bodily injury or death
•    Illness, hospitalization, bodily injury or death of a family member
•    Disaster that makes the main residence uninhabitable
•    Job transfer requested by the employer, which requires a move
•    Involuntary job loss (if permanent for a year).
•    Pre-term birth
•    Pregnancy diagnosed after the purchase date
You must mail a letter of explanation along with documents supporting the reason for your cancellation (example: doctor’s certificate) to:
Express Tours
850, rue Bernard-Pilon
McMasterville, J3G 5X7

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Privacy protection policy

We commit to protecting the confidentiality of our clients’ personal information in an electronic environment. For your protection, all electronic transactions on this site are secured by Visa Desjardins servers.

By accessing Express Tours, you accept the terms and conditions of our privacy protection policy and the legal terms below. If you do not agree, do not access our site.

We may need to collect your personal information when you make a reservation or enter a contest. You will be notified when we so, as we will ask you to fill out and submit a form. Like many commercial sites, we also collect data electronically via cookies (pieces of information on your hard drive), which helps us offer the best possible service. This information includes the address of the Web site from which you accessed our site, the pages on our site that you visited, the browser you used, your IP address and the search words you used to access our site. This information is not used on an individual basis. We accumulate it and only use it to adapt our Web site to your interests and preferences. Most browsers accept cookies by default, but you can always change your parameters to opt out. In that case, you will not be able to benefit from all of the site’s features. However, you will still be able to visit our site and make reservations.

Our Web site uses encryption technology, such as the SSL protocol, to protect your personal information during data transfers. The SSL protocol encrypts your order information, such as your name and address.

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If a participant is injured at the resort and must be transported by ambulance to the hospital,

- The resort patrol will inform the bus leader of the situation

- The bus leader will make the necessary arrangements to contact the person (indicated on the list # of emergency phone completed by the customers on the bus the same morning) and transmit him the instructions, if necessary to move and join the wounded person in the hospital where he was transported.

IMPORTANT: No representative of the station or Express Tours accompanies the injured person while being transported by ambulance to the hospital.

If we need to pick up the personal belongings (skis or other) from the injured person, the Express Tours guide will take them back.

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